Why You Should Buy New Workout Clothes

It’s that time of year. You have probably noticed the sales. Retailers are smart. They know you recently made a resolution to improve your fitness. They are trying to capitalize on it. Guess what? You should let them!


Several years ago, I was taking bellydance classes. And I discovered something interesting – I enjoyed practicing at home much more if I dressed up. That caught my attention. Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. What you wear impacts you.

Friends who work from home have told me they still dress in business attire every day. It changes their energy level and how they interact with clients over the phone. Flylady, the guru for stay-at-home moms, strongly emphasizes the importance of “getting dressed to shoes.” A friend of mine puts on his favorite workout clothes when he wants to feel strong, determined, and sexy.

Your attire can change your mood.

2. Your mood matters!

Accomplishing a goal is about more than the task itself. It’s about how you want to feel. So you set a goal to get in better shape this year. But what do you REALLY want? What’s your key motivation for accomplishing that goal? I guessing you want to feel sexy and attractive again.

Do you expect yourself to work out wearing an old, baggy t-shirt? One that makes you feel fat and frumpy? You have now set up a process to reach your goal that is exactly the OPPOSITE of what you want to accomplish!

There are people who can push through that and still reach their goal. But not many. Why make it harder than it needs to be?

Wear workout clothes that make you feel sexy NOW. Enjoy your workouts. This makes it less likely that you’ll quit.

3. Spending money expresses a commitment.

You are also less likely to quit if you invest in a gym membership, new running shoes, etc. It’s more painful to give up on a goal that you’ve already spent money to achieve. You paid for this!

That feeling isn’t enough to keep you going indefinitely. However, it’s a start.

4. Attire can change your identity.

You are MOST likely to stick with an activity if it becomes part of who you are, how you see yourself. When I first decided to get fit, I intentionally fell in love with running. I bought Nike Running apparel. I started to see myself as a runner.

When a friend recommended Lululemon, his favorite brand of workout clothes, my initial reaction was negative. While I’ve fallen in love with their clothes since then, I knew that Lululemon’s brand was originally based on their yoga apparel. At the time, I saw myself as a runner, not a yogi. And I dressed accordingly.

You want to become an athlete? A person who values fitness? Dress like one.

Is improving your fitness one of your goals this year? What has helped you make progress?

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