Open Thank-You Letter and Movie Review

One of my mother’s favorite movies is Fully Alive by Ken Davis. When she’s in a bad mood, this DVD never fails to make her smile. I’ve come to love the movie as well. Ken does a fabulous job of entertaining while also sending a powerful message.

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A few weeks ago, I sent Ken an email to say thanks. I’m sharing it here to give you a glimpse at why this video is so special:

For the last several months, I’ve been meaning to thank you, Ken.

My mother is 73 and has Alzheimer’s. Over time, as she’s become more limited in what she can do, well… we spend a lot of time watching TV. We found your video, Fully Alive, on Netflix, and we’ve watched it over and over.

The first time we watched it, she laughed and laughed and kept saying that she couldn’t wait for her husband to come home so she could show him. They watched it together that night, and she kept saying, “See! Isn’t this funny?!”

Yet, I found myself wondering how much she really understood. I suspected that maybe she was just laughing along with the audience. (Not a problem, mind you. I was happy to see her smile!)

However, she surprised me… Sometime later, we watched it again. We got to the point in the video where you’re talking to people in their 50s and 60s and you say, “God’s not finished with you yet!” And my mom chimed in, “That’s right.” She kept talking about it for a while too.

Even now, this moment brings tears to my eyes. You see, one of the toughest things about watching my mom decline has been wondering about the value of her life now. What’s God thinking?! Her personality is gone. She’s like a two-year-old. She can’t even interact or carry on a conversation most of the time.

But somehow, she knows that God’s not finished with her yet.

Thank you for the reminder, Ken.

Do you need a reminder that God isn’t finished with YOU? Do you want to LIVE, live fully and completely? Check out Ken’s video.

In the midst of a great comedy routine, he shares his own personal wake-up call. And how he’s changed his life since then. Enjoy the laughs. Listen to the challenge, and be reminded of what it means to be fully alive.

Who inspires you to live fully? Have you watched any of Ken’s videos?

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