What Do You Need to Change Today?

There’s a question I read many years ago that has stuck with me – If you were hiring someone as a “life manager,” would you hire yourself?

© Andre Klopper | Dreamstime Stock Photos

© Andre Klopper | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Now, I’ve never heard of the position, “life manager.” But it sounds kind of appealing, doesn’t it?! Someone to set goals for you. Help you map out your career. Let you know what you should be doing each day. How to allocate your time. What to focus on, and how to accomplish what matters most.

Well, the thing is… you have a life manager already. YOU.

You are the manager of your own life Do you deserve that position? How are you doing in it?

Personally, I would have fired myself a long time ago In my own opinion, I haven’t been doing a good job. I’ve let myself neglect certain areas of my life. All too often, I’ve focused on the “fun” areas at the expense of more difficult, but more important, ones. Even worse, I’ve let myself pretend that’s okay.

So, here’s another, more difficult question for you and me – What would a good life manager tell you? What’s one thing you need to change TODAY?

Write it down. Go do it. And please, if you’re brave, come back and share your experience here.

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One thought on “What Do You Need to Change Today?

  1. Personally, I took about 30 minutes to sit down and first, identify where I needed to change. Then, I worked through the framework outlined in the book, Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard. Used that to strategically plan what I was going to do differently, and it worked out well! Yay!