What’s Love Got to Do with It?

Three Reasons to Consider What You Believe

I’d been thinking about love for several months. So, back in September, a theme caught my eye: “Love wins.” That phrase appeared in one meme after another on 9/11. Love wins. I found myself wondering what that really means. Has love won since 9/11? What kind of love does it take to win? How does […]

Woman sitting on the beach drawing a heart in the sand, love

What to Say to People Who Are Grieving

My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s more than 5 years ago. Watching her gradual decline has been an extremely painful experience. As I’ve had to cope with my own grief, I’ve thought a lot about how to respond to people who are grieving. I thought about it after my uncle died of cancer, when I […]

The Rock Star Life Book Club

Over the last several years, I’ve realized the importance of spending time learning. Personally, a lot of that learning comes from reading. I love the opportunity to learn from those wiser than me, to absorb the material, and to put it into practice to change my life. If you share that belief and would like […]

The Week’s Highlights: Tim Ferriss and Rebecca Solnit

Back in high school, conversations with my best friend would frequently start, “OMG, Jennie!  You have to read…”  As she would tell you, I said that way too often for anyone to keep up!  These days, I’m constantly discovering new books, podcasts, and blog posts.  I find that it’s still a passion of mine to […]

Finding Joy in Grief

When I write, I aspire to teach something. I post about things I’ve studied or learned through experience. I prefer to share posts with bullet points and step-by-step lists. I started this Rock Star Life blog because I saw that vision. High standards in every aspect of life. Mind-blowing achievement. Discipline and passion and larger-than-life […]