Habit vs. Achievement Goal

Three Questions to Help You Choose

What the most popular activity at the beginning of a new year? For many of us, it’s watching the ball drop or attending a party. However, after New Year’s Eve parties, then come New Year’s resolutions and setting goals. As I’m writing this, it’s the second week of January. So, statistics say that about a […]

The Rock Star Life Book Club

Over the last several years, I’ve realized the importance of spending time learning. Personally, a lot of that learning comes from reading. I love the opportunity to learn from those wiser than me, to absorb the material, and to put it into practice to change my life. If you share that belief and would like […]

The Week’s Highlights: Tim Ferriss and Rebecca Solnit

Back in high school, conversations with my best friend would frequently start, “OMG, Jennie!  You have to read…”  As she would tell you, I said that way too often for anyone to keep up!  These days, I’m constantly discovering new books, podcasts, and blog posts.  I find that it’s still a passion of mine to […]

Three Reasons You Need a “Not To-Do” List

Over the years, I’ve intentionally become more organized. I keep careful track of my appointments. I schedule my tasks. I have a daily “to-do” list, and I am always looking for ways to get more done. However, it was only recently that I created my first “NOT to-do” list. That list almost immediately became my […]

What Do You Need to Change Today?

There’s a question I read many years ago that has stuck with me – If you were hiring someone as a “life manager,” would you hire yourself? Now, I’ve never heard of the position, “life manager.” But it sounds kind of appealing, doesn’t it?! Someone to set goals for you. Help you map out your […]

5 (Non-Physical) Reasons YOU Should Dare to Lift Weights

I was reminded again recently of the many reasons I love weight-training. Almost three years ago, I started lifting weights consistently. When I started, the heaviest I ever lifted was 60-70 pounds (the weight I used when I did deadlifts).  Just lifting the bar off the rack was difficult and intimidating. Yesterday, I used 75 […]

Designing an Identity that Supports Your Goals

“Who am I?” We ask and answer this question countless times over the course of a day. It’s unspoken. Hidden under other layers, but constantly there. Roles we play or jobs we have… “I am a mom.” “I am a musician.” “I am a researcher.” Qualities we possess… “I am fearless.” “I am compassionate.” “I […]