What Do You Need to Change Today?

There’s a question I read many years ago that has stuck with me – If you were hiring someone as a “life manager,” would you hire yourself? Now, I’ve never heard of the position, “life manager.” But it sounds kind of appealing, doesn’t it?! Someone to set goals for you. Help you map out your […]

One Powerful Reason You Need Fit Friends

Have you ever looked at someone and thought they were TOO muscular? I frequently hear people criticize women with a lot of muscle and low body fat. Personally, I realized recently that my standards for fitness have changed. That change has helped me reach my fitness goals. I suspect it can help you too. So, […]

5 (Non-Physical) Reasons YOU Should Dare to Lift Weights

I was reminded again recently of the many reasons I love weight-training. Almost three years ago, I started lifting weights consistently. When I started, the heaviest I ever lifted was 60-70 pounds (the weight I used when I did deadlifts).  Just lifting the bar off the rack was difficult and intimidating. Yesterday, I used 75 […]

How Reducing Negativity Frees You to Love

Last week, I shared a silly little exercise from Anne Lamott. The exercise was intended to help silence the negative voices in your head. I found it to be surprisingly effective! Personally, I was shocked at how negative my thinking was. Just as Lamott described, the negative voices started yelling whenever I sat down to […]

How to Start Loving Your Body

When it comes to fitness, you often find two camps. There’s the side that’s often portrayed as the mainstream – those who aspire to six-pack abs, supermodel sizes, and looking good in a bikini or swimsuit. On the other side are those who say such aspirations are unrealistic and shaming, that beauty comes in all […]