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Welcome to Between Us!

The first thing you should know about the site is that… well, it’s not really about “us”. Not yet.

You see, I’ve read a lot about blogging, and there’s a ton of great advice out there. Experts say you need to have a clear, consistent focus, and you should tailor the site to your readers. (For example, Jamie Masters does a great job of this on her site, the Eventual Millionaire.) However, after about two years of sporadically posting on a variety of topics, I realized that I just don’t know what I want to write about yet. And, I’m missing another critical piece – I don’t know much about you yet!

For the rest of 2017, I’ll be focused on posting consistently. I’ll write about my interests in a variety of areas, and over time, I’m hoping to see which topics are most appealing to us both. 🙂


Abigail Hatch, mother, Alzheimer's

What are the topics I’m considering?

Two of my highest values are growth and giving back. For me, that mainly shows in my love for reading and then sharing what I’ve learned. Typically, I write about personal development and growth in four different areas:

  • Physical,
  • Mental,
  • Emotional, and
  • Spiritual.

I also plan to write about education, which is my main area of interest, and occasionally about caring for my elderly mother who has Alzheimer’s, which is my main responsibility.

While the blog is still evolving, here are some of the posts that have been the most popular so far:

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Please let me know in the comments which of these areas you find the most interesting, and click the “Subscribe” button to sign up for emails so you can influence the future direction of the blog.

Want to read more?

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